A Dental Crown Can Stop a Cavity in a Chipped Tooth

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Your teeth are covered in a layer of tooth enamel that itself is made up of microscopic crystals densely packed to give your teeth the strength they need. Even though tooth enamel is very durable, it can be affected by unfortunate circumstances such as tooth grinding or chewing pencils or a bad oral injury to the point that the tooth enamel is chipped. You can receive a dental crown for a chipped tooth to protect the tooth enamel from developing a cavity.

Often times, a chipped tooth is a minor injury that doesn’t result in much pain, resulting in the condition going ignored and untreated for a long time. However, it’s important to address any injuries in the tooth enamel before they accumulate food particles and plaque and lead to dental health issues such as tooth decay.

A minor tooth chip can often receive conservative dental care such as a dental filling, but more significant tooth injuries that risk the health of the tooth may require the placement of a dental crown instead. We are pleased to offer custom-made dental crowns that match the original appearance of your tooth and are formed from high-quality dental materials such as gold, porcelain or base metal alloys. The hollow interior of the crown enables it to cover the treated tooth, which is shaped into an abutment to support the crown.

Following the removal of the tooth enamel, we submit a detailed impression of the tooth and nearby teeth in your bite pattern to a dental lab that will craft the permanent dental crown in the image of your natural smile. In the meantime, the tooth is covered and protected with a temporary crown.

Your second appointment with Dr. Douglas Hauck involves the removal of the temporary crown and attachment of your new crown to the treated tooth. You are welcome to contact Hauck Cosmetic Dentistry at 949-729-9950 today to learn more about treating a chipped tooth with a dental crown in Newport Beach, California.