Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Dental Sealants

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Are you seeking to improve your smile so it can look and function as intended? Dental sealants are highly effective at preventing future damage from occurring because they are placed directly onto a tooth’s problematics spots.

Create an improved oral health identity with dental sealants. If your oral health care requires dental sealants, remember the following:

– Dental sealants are safe for children, and it is recommended to consider getting them placed on a child’s molars when they begin to grow in around the age of 6.

– Dental sealants can be modified to be clear in order to keep your wonderful smile looking as visually impressive as ever.

– Dental sealants can attach directly to affected areas of your smile to improve your oral health without concealing any teeth.

– Children that do not have sealants are over 3 times more likely to have cavities.

– Typically, dental sealants can last over a decade and lower the risk for tooth decay by as much as 80%.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for a dental sealant treatment. If you would like to know if you need dental sealants, please book an oral exam with Dr. Douglas Hauck and our team at Hauck Cosmetic Dentistry at our dentist office in Newport Beach, California, by calling us at 949-729-9950. We can get you on the path to smiles for miles!