Don’t Let Your Smile Fall into Disrepair, Use Dental Bridges!

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There are a variety of dental procedures that can be used to combat the effects of lost or missing teeth. This includes dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges. However, dentures can have a stigmatizing effect due to their ability to move around on accident, and dental implants require an extremely healthy and strong jawbone. Dental bridges are a wonderful option for anyone wishing to forego the other two without losing any of the functionally or beauty that a tooth replacement can provide.

Dental bridges are a permanent fix to your tooth loss by providing a realistic artificial tooth replacement that looks and functions like normal teeth. Bridges are held in place by directly attaching to neighboring teeth. With this connection, a sure hold with constant durability is provided.

One of the advantages of bridges is that they can restore the facial structure to your mouth that is lost from missing teeth. With missing teeth, your jaw and face sink in for a less appealing look that adds age to your smile. With dental bridges, you can achieve a much more youthful look with the facial structure you deserve.

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