Preparing Your Smile to Receive a Bone Graft

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Bone grafting is an innovative procedure that is designed to give your smile a second chance by restoring lost or weakened bone structure in the jawbone. Many patients have questions about recovering from bone grafting, and we are pleased to offer these tips to help you feel better prepared for the bone graft recovery process.

– During your initial consultation at Hauck Cosmetic Dentistry, we encourage you to speak with our dentist about any medications you are taking and any medical conditions that may cause you to experience persistent bleeding. Through thorough communication, we can provide an effective and safe procedure, as well as a successful recovery.

– If you frequently use tobacco products, we encourage you to speak with your general physician in advance for a cessation program so that the continued use of tobacco doesn’t cause gum irritation and complicate your recovery time. Tobacco also increases the risk of gum infection, so it’s important to design a cessation program that eliminates lozenges and nicotine gum so that your healing process doesn’t involve gum irritation.

– Eat soft foods to care for your healing gums. Foods such as soup, applesauce, mashed potatoes and yogurt are optimal. Drink lots of water but avoid drinks that are hot or cold. Avoid using a straw when you drink so that you don’t dislodge any forming blood clots at the site of the incision.

For further instructions on optimizing the recovery process after a bone graft in Newport Beach, California, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Douglas Hauck, please call our office at 949-729-9950 today.