Restore Your Smile with Our Composite, Tooth-Colored Fillings

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The battle against tooth decay is an ongoing battle that requires daily care and diligence. Nearly everything you eat is a new opportunity for bacteria to cause tooth enamel damage and potential cavities. Only with proper oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing can we maintain a healthy, vibrant smile. 

But what happens when a cavity shows up and requires removal? We are pleased to offer our patients in Newport Beach, California and surrounding areas composite, tooth-colored dental fillings. Composite fillings can help you with the following:

— Composite fillings can repair cavities that are too little for dental amalgams to work effectively.

— Composite fillings are mercury-free, which is a huge advantage for those who may be allergic to mercury.

— If you take care of your composites, they can potentially last up to ten years.

— Composite fillings are intended to blend with the natural aesthetics of your teeth.

— Composites do not need to be detached if they go bad, as they can be repaired easily without the need to remove the originals.

— Teeth can still suffer cracks and fractures with composites, but because composites are made of a hard, durable resin-based material, they help the teeth become more preventative of damage.

If you have cavities requiring restoration, our team is here for you. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Douglas Hauck in Newport Beach, California please call 949-729-9950 today. We are happy to restore your healthy, vibrant smile with our composite, tooth-colored fillings.