This Thanksgiving, Put Your Oral Health First

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It would be unwise to exclaim your daily routine of brushing and flossing on the holidays will be enough to override the dangers of the excess sweets and treats that await us on turkey day. No matter how much brushing and flossing you may do, various foods and drinks could still do some damage to your teeth long before you had a chance to clean them. You don’t have to completely avoid bad habits for the holidays, but we have compiled a list below to help you see whether or not you are putting your teeth at risk:

– Do you ever open things with your teeth?

– Do you ever chew on pens, pencils, or other objects?

– Are you a binge eater?

– Do you ever have snacks in between meals?

– Do you ever chew on ice cubes?

– Do you grind your teeth when you sleep?

– Do you ever chew on hard candy?

– Do you have a tongue piercing?

– Do you play contact sports without a mouth guard?

– Do you drink sports drinks or processed juices?

If you answered yes to any of the above 10 questions, your habits are damaging your teeth.
If you answered no to all 10 questions, congratulations! You are on the right track to oral hygiene superstardom!

This Thanksgiving, put your oral health first. If you would like to know more about what you can do to protect your teeth, please make an appointment by contacting our wonderful team at Hauck Cosmetic Dentistry via phone at 949-729-9950. You can also stop by our office in Newport Beach, California. Our dentists are here to help. Don’t let bad oral hygiene ruin your Thanksgiving season, come in today for a professional exam.