Tooth Extraction Recovery Methods

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There are plenty of tooth extraction recovery methods to focus on when dealing with the trials that may await after the procedure. Avoiding choking hazards and excessive swelling can be contained by following the instructions of your dentist. If your treatment recovery habits are lax, your recovery time will suffer as well. Take the time to prepare for your procedure both before and after the surgery.

Always survey your dentist’s advice and instructions by our team. This includes following a diet, following proper protocols of any doctor’s prescriptions and medications, and general routine habits. Get lots of sleep and rest, and don’t do any strenuous forms of exercise. The more labor and exhaustion you put on your mind and body, the fewer resources your body can use to dedicate to your oral health recovery time.

Swelling may occur in the area near the extraction after the tooth has been removed. If excessive swelling takes place, use an ice pack on the affected area.

Wait until the anesthetic has worn off before attempting to eat solid food, as it could present a choking hazard. If you smoke, quit immediately, or at the very least, give it up for the 48-hour period both before and after surgery.

If any irregularities arise during your recovery, consult your dentist immediately by calling us at 949-729-9950 or visiting our office in Newport Beach, California. For more information, or to book an appointment to come see Dr. Douglas Hauck, call us soon. We look forward to assisting your recovery with a smile!