What It Means to “Restore Your Smile” With Dental Bridges

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With a variety of dental restorations, treatments, and procedures available, it can be overwhelming, maybe even discouraging, to know what’s right for your oral health. So, we provide the ultimate advice and support to our patients at Hauck Cosmetic Dentistry as they consider the options in recreating their new smile.

After a thorough consultation, we may recommend dental bridges if they fit your dental needs and goals. These dental appliances can then be used to mend an incomplete smile and help to alleviate any sense of dental insecurity.

We also know that there is a noticeable difference in the structure and feeling of your smile with any added restoration. So, we aim to help you understand more of what it means to have dental bridges during your visit.

For added surety and confidence in your treatment choice, it is important to address your concerns with our dental professionals regarding your new smile’s function and appearance. Some of the questions our dentist may ask you include:

-Do you feel comfortable having a permanent, fixed restoration?
-Would you prefer a lighter-colored bridge and brighten your teeth to match?
-Can you maintain new dental hygiene habits?

These are all vital matters to discuss when considering dental bridges in Newport Beach, California. So, to restore your smile, please get in touch with our office at 949-729-9950 to arrange your visit with Dr. Douglas Hauck.